ro Maths Practice for kids – Maths Master Game

ro Maths Practice for kids – Maths Master Game

Pro Maths Practice – Best Basic Fun Game for Kids

Play math games and practice your kid’s math skills. Practice on the four arithmetic operations (Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication) as you wish. Kids Learn With Fun comes again with new Kids game for above age 5+ math practice along with improving focusing skill. Improve kids math fluency through dozens of multiple-choice tests.

Play our Pro Maths Practice games and improve kids focus, memory and reaction time with no effort! Test your skills in a limited time and break your score every time!

A parent can set number limit in Maths Practice. This feature help kids to learn step by step like First grade kids need 1 to 10 numbers, Second grade kids need 1 to 50 numbers and fifth grade kids need 1 to 99 number to practice maths. Maths Practice presents all feature for your kids.

How Helpful Pro Maths Practice
 Boosts better and faster calculation skills.
 Improves problem-solving abilities.
 Sharpens concentration and observance.
 Develops confidence and self-esteem.
 Heightens stronger mental visualization skills.
 Makes mathematics meaningful, useful and fun.
 Increases memory power.

How to play Pro Maths Practice
 Press the button, choose the function which you have to do Practice.
 By solving questions, answers are correct then count in green(true) sign otherwise red(false) sign
 Bit your score.

Pro Maths Practice Features
 Addition
 Subtraction
 Multiplication
 Division
 Customize to limit numbers as per kids grade
 Customize the Time Duration to know Kids maths knowledge
 Best UI to learn Math

So enjoy this basic Maths Practice offered by Kids Learn With Fun from a Google Play Store on your Android smartphones.

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