Vehicles Learning App for Kids & Toddlers


Our Vehicles Learning App toddlers’ games are suitable for kids age 2, ages 2 to 3, 3 to 4 years old, for a 4-year-old, for 5 year olds, both little boys and girls. Learning vehicles game help toddlers or preschooler to learn about vehicles, identify vehicles category like Air Vehicles, Land Vehicles, Water vehicles, Vehicle game helps kids to memories Vehicles with category.

In this vehicles games, the names are pronounced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and distinct diction. It is very important for babies who are just learning to speak correctly. The knowledge of foreign words will be useful for languages study in kindergarten or/and at school. Preschooler trains basic motor skills, memory, attention, intelligence, perseverance, logical thinking and other skills which let study better in the future. 

Play & enjoy our vehicles games for boys & girls. We include all vehicles in one game. 

* Air vehicles (vehicles learning English and enchanted learning vehicles)
Airplane, Helicopter, Fighter Plane, Air Balloon, Space Shuttle, Airship (Zeppelin)

* Water vehicles (Kids vehicle learn and vehicles for learning kids)
Battleship, Cruise Ship, Ferry, Gondola, Ship, Boat, Sailboat, Submarine, Yacht

* Rail vehicles (enchanted learning transportation vehicles and learns vehicles)
High Speed Rail, Steam Train, Subway, Tramway, Rail

* Land vehicles
Ambulance, Bicycle, Bulldozer, Bus, Camion, Car, Digger, Excavator, Fire Truck, Jeep, Van, Motorcycle, Police Car, Race Car, Tank, Taxi, Tractor, Trailer, Truck

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KidsLearnWithFun come with vehicles puzzle game (

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