Spelling Game – Fruit Vegetable Spelling learning


Spelling learning was very irritating in children even kids didn’t want to learn long words. Why are we not give them a very easy coaching with lots of fun? Yes, here I am talking about the “Fruit Vegetables Spelling learning game – Spelling Games”. It having with 10 exercise which gives preschooler to learning very very faster and sharper way than another way. orthography is the conventional spelling games system of a language to learn to spell.

It had “Dictate with me” exercise also which is create curiosity in Kids to learning spelling and master in it. It is the wonderful game with a collection of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables. It increases toddlers knowledge with learning, reading, and understanding on fruits and vegetables because it is an edutainment game. We can say it is a helper of kids learning or spelling learning game.

It increases brain power and increases toddlers IQ because it had brain exercise also. It’s the best way to increase our kid’s knowledge through our different 10 spelling games activities. This spelling learning game helps them to learn fruits, learning vegetables, fruit spelling, vegetable spelling, identify the fruit and vegetables and lots with fun. This game will help to learn fruits and vegetables very quick and effective way and practice have fun with other games like Dictate, Tap, arrange, drag, pick, pair, find, spelling finding and also all other fun game with ultimate scratchpad.


1. Beginner track (Beginner): Toddlers learn the spelling of fruits and vegetables learning.
2. Dictate with me (Beginner): Children will improve power on spelling where kids also speak spelling with it.
3. Tap me (Beginner): Kids will make confident on the spelling of fruits and vegetables.
4. Arrange me (Intermediate & Expert): Now your kids have on intermediate level. Kids can identify the correct spelling and arrange it in the correct order.
5. Drag me (Intermediate): Kids understand the correct spelling of fruits and vegetables.
6. Pick correct (Intermediate): Kids fill confident on spelling
7. Pair me (Expert): Now your kids is/are an expert on the spelling of fruits and vegetables. Perfect exercise to remember the fruits and vegetables’ spelling.
8. Find number (Expert & Fun): Kids identify the fruits and vegetables, so they can have confidence on fruits and vegetables
9. Find spelling (Expert & Fun): kids identify the spelling of fruits and vegetables, so they can have confidence on spelling of fruits and vegetables
10. Scratchpad (Fun and Learn Game): fruits and vegetable fun game to learn and fun. Kids Enjoy it.

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