Ninja Shuriken Throw
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Ready to accept the Ninja Games as shuriken throw challenge is here!

Ninja Shuriken Throw game that very easy simple tapping game to develop for users of for all ages. Throw shuriken at the spinning circle target without hitting another shuriken. Play ninja star games to improve your accuracy and make sure to throw the shuriken in perfect time on the circle as it twists whole time and any direction. When you clear more levels the one or more spinning circle target and whole circle twists in a different direction. Accept this challenge beat the score.

How to play
• Tap your screen to throw shuriken at the spinning circle.
• Hit the bullseye with the shuriken without touching another shuriken
• Different levels spin, twist, and rotate in different directions and at different speeds

• Easy to use
• Great graphics with realistic sounds
• Challenge yourself to make a better score and collect more diamonds.
• Amazing physics to perform the best trick shots, ninja shuriken thrower.
• Simple quick reflex tapping gameplay but really hard and challenging.
• Time killing game
• Best spinning circle game on Android
• Unlimited Fun with a challenge

Be careful to not hit the shuriken. speed and Timing is the key to hit target carefully. Download & play Ninja Games to become the shuriken master!

Can you beat this impossible spinning circle? What level can you get to? Download right now and spin the circle to find out.

Write in the comments of your experience to play of the Ninja Games – Ninja Shuriken Throw game.

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