Fruits and Vegetables Learning App for Kids

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“Fruits and Vegetables Learning App” is a free and wonderful educational game for toddler, babies, preschool, kindergarten and nursery kids who are between 1 to 4 years. Fruits and vegetables learning have high quality images of fruits and vegetables. Your kids and you both enjoy our free educational game after play it.

Game have collection of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables. Your kids love play game, kids’ memory games, kids puzzle games and want to learn fruits and vegetables name? then this the best app for he or she. Fruits and vegetables learning game will help your kids learn about fruits and vegetables. It also helps to recognize the fruits and vegetables. It is educational and entertaining game for toddlers.

More than 40 fruits and vegetables available. If you have question like How your kids recognize the fruits and vegetables? then this is best app for your kids.
1. Fruits Learning:
Fruits part: In this part, kids know about the Fruits [Like- watching fruits pictures and listening fruits names]

2. Vegetables Learning:
Vegetables part: In this part, kids know about the Vegetables [Like- watching vegetables picture and listening vegetables name]

Learn feature let kids to identify fruits and vegetables and also recognize it.

Play option help your kids to more power on recognize fruits and vegetables.

Fun option help your child to identify fruits and vegetables from selection.

KidsLearnWithFun have one or more learning game like vehicles learning, fruits learning, vegetables learning. Alphabet puzzles, animals and birds puzzle games for kids. Play and enjoy Fruits and vegetables learning app for kids, Vegetables spelling learning, toddler alphabet games free. Kids learning alphabet from alphabet puzzles, alphabet puzzles, Vehicles puzzle game. Fruit learning app, Kids Learning Vegetable Names game specially made for kids under 8.

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