Dinosaur World – Puzzle Games


Are you thinking about download the dinosaur world – puzzle games or not? Don’t worry, You are at right place. The dinosaur world – puzzle games is a wonderful and amazing children games.

Your kids want to explore the prehistoric park and discover dinosaur world? you have found the right free educational game (free puzzle games)!

The game offers lots of key features with fun:

✔ This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills, visual perception, and hand-eye coordination.
✔ The dinosaurs puzzles world has 26 beautiful graphics and we will provide more graphics with dino jigsaw puzzle in the upgrade.
✔ The jigsaw pieces challenge the kid much more than the normal puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle helps the child to focus on finding the next jigsaw piece. The jigsaw puzzle is the first step of Puzzle game for the kid which help them to find piece’s location based on its shape. It promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.
✔ The child can select a level of the puzzle. 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 with tablet size also. It compatible with all mobile devices as well all tablets. Optimized for tablets (Sony, Samsung, Kindle)
✔ The game enhances the child’s memory with simple to complex level. The jigsaw puzzle works child’s memory accordingly.
✔ A limited number of jigsaw pieces like 2X2, 3X3 and 4X4 are displayed for selection on the right panel. A lot of fun with bubbles popping after a puzzle is completed. We developed our own jigsaw style to entertain a kid with learning and fun while playing the game. 
✔ This game is easy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boys and little girls. This is jigsaw puzzles to provide more fun while playing the game. exercise your toddler fine motor skills, entertaining and educational game also simple and intuitive just a few commands to use.

Kid Learn from educational game 

✔ Early language skills.
✔ Hand-eye coordination.
✔ Color recognition and vocabulary.
✔ Memory and recognition skills.
✔ Reasoning and concept development.
✔ Fine motor skills.
✔ Early math concepts.

Dinosaur World for Toddlers is an amazing dinos jigsaw and puzzle game. : 

✔ Touch the screen to drag and drop the dinosaur jigsaw puzzle part in the right place.
✔ Motivational screen when a puzzle is solved.
✔ Tap on the next to pass to the next level.
✔ lots of different Jurassic animals. Total 26 dino animals 
✔ game for toddlers and kids from ages 0-7 years old
✔ Dinosaurs Jigsaw puzzle is the best puzzle for toddlers and little kids!
✔ Suitable for 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 7 years + old.


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