Flappy Fish

Flappy Fish

Flappy Fish flappy fish game is Casual Game with beautiful graphics. It is not Flappy like Bird but it is different then other games. It is Flappy game which is not smile like other Flappy Fish or Bird. Yellow Fish more addicted you to play Flappy Fish casual game. Flappy Fish free flappy fish game is free. Enjoy it. Flappy Fish kids games For you and your Kids. It is most favorite Game for Kids (Kids Game). Flappy Fish best flappy fish game is like Kids Game. Kids also flapping Fish easy in water. flappy fish is an amazing running and jumping adventure game and casual game. It is saga! yellow Fish is finding way for her children. Please help angry fish. Experience the brand-new flappy fish Rush! Share with (whatsapp, facebook, e-mail, dropbox, etc...). flappy fish is flappy fish 2016 mega-hit Christmas run with two Challenging levels for Android now! Explore the mysterious two Castles with Amazing game control. So why are you waiting. just go and download your copy of the super duper addictive hit game - Flappy Fish addictive fish game & score better than your friends ! Casual games casual and addictive fish game can have any type of game play, and fit in any genre. They are typically distinguished by their simple rules and lack of commitment required in contrast to more complex hardcore games.[1] They require no long-term time commitment or special skills to play, and there are comparatively low production and distribution costs for the producer. Extremely simple game play, like a puzzle game fish flappy game that can be played entirely using a tap tap Familiar genre, like a card game or board game Allowing game play in short bursts, during work breaks or, in the case of portable and cell phone games, on public transportation The ability to quickly reach a final stage, or continuous play with no need to save the game Some variant on a "try before you buy" business model or an advertising-based model Een casual game is even computerspel met also doelgroep de casual speller: de spelled zijn redelijk eenvoudig en snel aan te leren. Even casual game is net afhankelijk van even bepaald computerspelgenre, maar kan zowel actie, avontuur, puzzle, platform also its anders zijn. De meeste casual games zijn relatief goedkoop of zelfs gratis. Dat komt doordat er niet al te veel research aan vooraf is gegaan: men beperkt zich bijvoorbeeld tot de basishandelingen, er wordt geen rekening gehouden met de juiste motoriek van mensen en dieren etc. Tegenwoordig kan men zowat alle arcadespellen catalogiseren tot een casual game, alsook de meeste Flash-spellen. Algemeen wordt aangenomen dat Pac-man de eerste casual game is.[1] Andere bekende casual games zijn Tetris, Windows Solitaire en Mijnenveger. Sommige spellen, zoals de Drawn-reeks, hebben een hogere moeilijkheidsgraad en kan men toch als casual game aanzien. Dat komt doordat de distributeur/ontwikkelaar op zijn website een complete walkthrough voor dergelijke spellen heeft gepubliceerd met een exacte omschrijving wat de speler dient te doen. Challenge your friends to higher score then you to flapping fish. Easy mode for beginner user and Small Kids to Flapping Fish. Hard mode for expert / Advance user to Flapping fish like bird. Enjoy it!

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Flappy Fish


  • chanllage game to complete level
  • Yellow Frish
  • Under the water complete the level
  • numbers of totally difference leval
  • Try to avoid Obstacles
  • Swim smooth
  • try to reach the your top score every time
  • Compare the score with your nearest competitiors
  • Easy and Hard leval put.
  • new innovative the Flappy fish World enjoy it